Sunday, 20 January 2013

Terrain Ideas


I have been looking at some old pics I took whilst in Asia and thought that it may help some of you chaps who are making Asian or indeed African buildings...pretty much identical in their design.

The check point was manned at night by armed locals...and I very nearly came to grief trying to drive past it, one of the locals recognised my wife...I just wish he had recognised her two minutes earlier as things were starting to get out of control! Happy days.

Asian electrics are a constant source of wonder for me and I took many pictures of the wires that dangle down everywhere, if you go to Asia keep away from them as when it rains they are lethal even zapping the locals who are aware of the hazard.

i have been building again and now my board is ready for the larger buildings and the market which is proving to be the trickiest part. Also the TAG order arrived....a week of painting looms and I can hardly wait.


  1. very interesting sotry there... I remember being in Seoul Korea, so many wires that I renamed them Korean city vines... and I saw a similar thing in argentina as well in Buenos Aires. very dangerous though at least in argentina its not dangerous to those on the streets but you must be careful up on the rooftops and balconies.

  2. "Korean city vines" I like that! Makes the UK look so tidy...