Monday, 7 January 2013

Land Rovers 1/48th scale...

Hi All,

I will begin painting and re assembling a couple of Land Rovers tonight....the Corgi owners club will have a price on my head by the end of next week! These two models cost a pound or two each, it may be worth noting next time you go to a charity shop that these models are virtually spot on for 28mm figures being 1/48 scale. If you are lucky wagons and non combatant type vehicles can fill your table for less than a fiver...

The models are easy to pull apart, usually just a rivet to drill out at each end of the base plate, I then stripped the paint off using caustic soda. This model is at the undercoat stage...sorry about the pic (camera not working).

Thanks for looking!


  1. coming along nicely. I'll have to remember caustic soda I have a few trucks to dismantle for terrain etc for my 15mm stuff.

  2. Lesney vehicles work well in 15mm as some of them are 1/100 scale...good luck!