Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Painting Assault Group African Militia WIP


just an update on the militia which arrived earlier this week I have undercoated them in white which is the first time I have done this. At first I thought that this may be a mistake but the figures are slowly turning out OK, it is certainly a learning curve and a delicate adventure of sorts!

I will take some better pics when they are all complete but already I have an order planned for nest Tuesday...having had time out from painting due to the pressures of life I am finding this very enjoyable, indeed I had forgotten just how good this all is!

On a side note please ignore my painting table...oh the shame...


  1. Nice work on these so far. Nice looking figures as well.

  2. These look great, I've not managed to pluck up the courage to try white undercoat yet.

  3. Thanks Chaps! the figures are well sculpted and are easy to paint, the white undercoat shows up every mistake but comes to life when the devlan mud wash is applied to the bits that need it. I would really recommend it to anyone...lighter shades of faded clothes are easier to paint with a white undercoat.

  4. These are looking great - the later TAG miniatures are much better than the first ones they ever sold.

    When I was planning my African imagi-nation I was intending to use the same range of figures you now have and the modern British.

    I am looking forward to seeing more of your figures and the game setting.

  5. Thanks Shelldrake. I am undecided as too what setting the figures will be used in. A campaign would be nice but I do have a list of scenarios that would work just as well....its a hard choice. TAG are one of the best companies out there...no postage swung it for me. They remind me of Copplestone, very easy to paint.

  6. coming along nicely I can see... can't wait to see them completed