Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What next for the painting and gaming table?

January has been a productive month for me and I am pleased with the models completed but for February I would like to try something different. Being a solo gamer the skirmish game is almost the only type of game I can afford to play in 28mm. It would be nice to actually give myself a promotion and go for a larger game where I can throw battalions around instead of squads...

Last year I tried to paint 20mm figures, I loved the cost of these little dudes but I am afraid that my painting and basing of these models was pants. I grew up on Donald Featherstone books and in Particulsr "Operation Warboard" by Gavin Lyall. This little book got so much use that it literally fell apart in my hands!! I believe it to be very similar to "Rapid Fire" a set which I also greatly admire. Did anyone else use Mr Lyalls book?

Painting of 20mm figures can be effective...see here...


Amazing work...it almost made me start planning a "Black Powder" army in this scale! I have just a few days to decide what to paint, happy times, and with my new white undercoat system in development who knows what may happen?

I do hope that you Chaps face the same "problems" that I do in my hobby, I think it is all part of the enjoyment!

January totals.

18X28mm Figures
Scratchbuild of 4 housing blocks
2X28mm Landrovers

Good luck for February!


  1. I think you slightly out did me for January having only completed 24 x 20mm Infantry figures. Still, it's a start at least.

    All the best for February!


  2. good figures for Jan, I will not give you mind as I have been a painting demon this month
    Peace James

  3. Thanks Chaps...by summer we will have painted huge armies....I think!

  4. I have managed 11 figures which for me is not bad of late!

    Maybe you should go for something where you can get figures for a skirmish but gradually build up more to try something bigger. Maybe something in plastic...Perry ACW? The period lends itself to all sorts of sizes of battle.

  5. Hi Legatus, that is a pretty good idea. I will be ordering some (any!) figures soon and the ACW would be covered by Black Powder...

  6. A cracking start to the year and i have to confess that I'm terrible a sticking to one idea, as you say all part of the fun.

  7. Mr Awdry...its all part of the hobby...I just try to stick with a unit at a time...we can always revisit that period. I have to admit that this year I am focusing on each month as it comes...

  8. Good luck for February, my production has been pathetic; just four 28mm Normans, but I have been moving, new job etc, etc. Hopefully all will settle down soon :)