Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Angry Luker's List

I couldn't resist this after reading this on a prominent war gamer's blog. As much an exercise in pop psychology as fun! It also may show some idiosyncracies that we share as men/war gamer's ?

1. Favourite War gaming period and why?
Modern period because I have a small grasp of what is happening and what the tactics should be...plus its cheap as it can be gamed without tanks!

2.Next period, money no object?
Back of Beyond in 28mm. As it should be played with cavalry sweeping around the flanks and whole towns under siege...will the Copplestones ever cover this in plastic...please.

3.Favourite films?
Easy Apocolypse Now-each year I book a day to get drunk and watch this...since my wife died I haven't actually done this...but it still is the best film. Also Platoon.

4.Favourite TV series?
I do not watch TV except for "The Big Bang Theory" because my son loves it...can "Time team" be in this?

5.Favourite Book/Author?
Heart of Darkness....Joseph Conrad....my son is named Conrad in honour of this epic. I travelled up the Mekong and met my sons mother! (The horror....only kidding best years of my life).

6. Greatest General?
Colonel David H Hackworth, his book "About Face" is well worth a read...some of you may detect a pattern here which I had not realised myself! (Thanks Mr Lurker).

7.Favourite Wargames Rules?
"At Close Quarters" 2nd edition. I have the first edition at home in Thailand but it seems a bit extreme to go and get them for a read! Anything Chris Peers Writes is first class.

8.Favourite Sport and Team?
Difficult one, Liverpool FC...

9.If you had a use only once time machine when and where would you go?
Well I have plenty of personal reasons to alter time for the benefit of my loved ones but I think I would have to visit Alexander the Great. No noble reason, just to see his court, get friendly with some of Roxanne's mates...drink wine...you understand.

10.Last meal on death row?
Ha ha well this has cropped up before! Chicken Tikka Massala with 12 pints of lager...I would go a happy man.

11.Fantasy Relationship and why?
This is so easy I have been in this fantasy relationship with Minka for over a decade...no need to explain why I think! (Oh God the girlfriend might see this!...Lurker you swine!).

12.If your life were a movie who would play you?
Ross Kemp.(except I am much better looking...ahem).

13.Favourite comic book hero?
Never bought comic books as a kid because no one sold them in the area where I lived..."Wonder Woman" came on TV as I reached my teenage years...Linda Carter....

14.Favourite Military Quote?
My Regiments unnoficial battle cry was "Oh s### we are all going to die"...this has to be it.

15.Historical destination to visit?
I would like to see Fallujah on a battlefield tour when we can all laugh about crappy recent events....may have to wait half a century or more.

16. Biggest war gaming regret?
Bloody World War Two. Would like to try it in 28mm...as if 6mm, 15mm amd bloody 20mm were not enough...so much money wasted on so little enjoyment.

17.Favourite Fantasy Job?
Booty call for Venus Williams.OK Serena as well.

18.Favourite Song?
The Doors "The End"

19.Favourite War gaming Moment?
Oh yes! In a game of AK47 my professionals holed up in a building and fought off militia from everywhere with no casualties...dont' be militia in AK47!

20.Miserable Git question-what upsets me?
So much! People who tell lies, top of list. People with a lack of self awareness...OK people in general. Thats why I game solo! Only kidding...

Thank for this Mr Lurker, I hope I am not single after my girlfriend reads it. I would now extend the challenge to other war gamers out there to answer these questions for their own self enlightenment and our amusement!


  1. Great answers! Love the Doors as well.

  2. Great answers! Love the "model" as well.

  3. Thanks Chaps...Minka never answers my emails...

  4. good answers not sure about answering them myself :)
    Peace James

  5. Give it a go Kames...it threw a bit of perspective on my desire to game WW2 again!

  6. Nice photo, and answers too!

  7. Great rules choice I agree anything by Chris Peers is worth playing. So many other good awnsers as well.

  8. Nice answers, Minka is interesting can't imagine what you'd see in here though