Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hi All,

hope that your gaming and modelling is going well? My camera expired today...I cannot complain, it has given me 6 years good service and I think I shredded the gears which drove the zoom by putting it in my pocket too quickly....oh well.

Anyway as I cannot post the pics of my Victorian terraced houses I was looking for the next best thing. I worked in Asia a few years ago and took some pictures that I thought I could use as reference material at a later date...maybe it could be of use to others as well? For the record this is Vientienne in Laos.

This place is a wargamers dream as every bodge known to man has been simply cannot get this wrong. The picture of the road is a major highway...far dustier than thailand or Vietnam-I have no idea why.Now I just need to know how to scratch build huge sky dishes and radio antenna!

Happy gaming...will provide some pics from Iraq if I can find them.


  1. Not been to Laos but I go to Vietnam sometimes which is now getting more and more westernised...not like this!

  2. I think Laos is still having a hangover from the Vietnam war. The Pathet Laos are still kicking about (net them twice) and a just a bunch of thugs. Also the Mhong tribe are abused beyond anything we can comprehend. I will be in Vietnam later this year though!

  3. Nice pics. Not been to either of these places maybe someday though.