Sunday, 13 January 2013

Work in Progress


It seems that Corgi produced a lot of vehicles which may now be useful for the tabletop gamer. Modern "normal" games can still make use of models which ceased production years ago because in some parts of the world cars are kept on the road for much longer than here in the UK. For the picky gamer who wants more up to date models toy cars made in China are available in pound shops up and down the land!

To strip the paint off the models I dismantle the care by drilling out the rivets on the bottom, a fairly simple job...the base plate is simply glued back on when your done, don't worry about putting new rivets in. The shell is put in a plastic container and covered with boiling water and soda crystals added. Simply give it a minute or two and take the shell out using pliers.

I would like to show you the completed vehicle but alas the camera...I will have a new one next week and will post some pics of my land rover fleet. A passable model for 50p at a car boot sale! Good luck hunting for these and other models, I don't put the interiors back in but they could be sprayed black and painted if you wanted that level of detail.

It would be nice to see if any one else has done this and what models they have used, I am currently searching for VW campers and Beetle cars...are there any 1/48th scale Humvee's out there?

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  1. Hey Great Start on that one. I to love the older cars Matchbox, Corgi, Dinky, etc... My fav is the Matchbox 2000! Love them. And lots of the older 70s 80s cars in 1/43 1/64 Keep up the Great Blog. I to have a blog at Southhavenwargames Wordpress it's for mainly a Terminatore Judgement day 28mm scale game. Drop by sometime if ya like. Take care sir. Cheers Greyson in Va. In the USA