Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Land Rover Update


since I have a new toy to play with I thought I would share the pictures... In addition to the Land Rover I thought I would show a few pictures of my African/Middle Eastern houses, these models will be complete when I can find some adverts to plaster all over them. As you can see the models start life in a very strange way but end up OK for the table eventually.

As I play solo (and I am also a solo parent) whatever I make or buy has to be cheap, hence the toy cars and plywood bases...I dream of MDF! The only part of this hobby which would make no sense to skimp on would be the figures. Painting gives me and I am sure the vast majority of other gamers the greatest pleasure so I indulge and buy the best I can afford. Unfortunatley this means I no longer buy Wargames Foundry!!


  1. as I play solo like you I know what its like not having the right stuff all the time... the stuff you make your buildings from is the same as me, I used Plywood for my city bases, though they were increadibly thick... I scavanged some MDF from the schools wood bins... and once again apart from the figs I have to do it myself. Of coarse many of my materials come free from friends who work in the right places, it seems to be the way to get the stuff you need.

  2. Gowan! I am so glad that you exist! Maybe there are more gamers out there who "scavenge" like us? Its good to see that you make use of what is around you. It has become a habit for me...when I see something I try to find a wargaming use for it!
    keep gaming mate!

    1. I'll keep on gaming so long as there is stuff to scavange you can be sure of that :-)

  3. They look great. I'm on a tight budget also and I'm trying to make terrain on the cheap where possible from all sorts of bits. All the kids toys they had at Christmas and weird plastic toys from crackers all got looted to my terrain making box. MC Donalds happy meal toys come in useful sometimes.

  4. Haha....never thought of MC Donalds! Strangely food packaging can supply some great futuristic building shapes....I have a stash ready for if I ever start science fiction.