Thursday, 24 January 2013

Thank you all...30 000 visitors

A big thank you to everyone who has visited or especially if you left a comment! At times contact with the outside world has been a life saver for me and has helped me to keep what sanity I possess. Looking through everyone else's blogs is very inspiring and I do find some excellent work which I usually copy!

So a milestone is reached, thanks again. Now did any one read "Running a war games campaign" by Rick Priestley in Wargames Illustrated? I have the first part but not the second (doh missed the mag that month or more likely I was broke). Anyway has it appeared online? Is it worth ordering a back copy of the magazine to read it? I feel a campaign coming on-preparing for a campaign as a solo player is a great task as it makes me paint figures and make terrain... Thanks in advance for any information supplied.

Keep blogging Chaps I need to steal your ideas! Sorry I mean gain inspiration from your work!

This is one of HM not worry given his range performance he will miss.


  1. only joined the fun resently but loving your blogging keep up the good work.
    Peace James
    Exiles Painting

  2. keep up the good work! you have passed an important mile stone.

  3. Thanks Chaps, I really appreciate the comments.

  4. Good bloggers get visitors as they deserve them :)

  5. Congrats on hitting the 30K mark. Its always great to see what everyone is upto in the modelling world. Keep it up.

  6. An excellent achievement, many more to come I'm sure.

  7. Great blog. Well done on reaching the 30,000 milestone