Saturday, 26 January 2013


I have spent the last two days floating around the blogosphere looking for inspiration for a campaign that will take me through 2013 and give my hobby a focus that it is so sadly lacking at the moment. This is the curse of the solo gamer, attempting to collect and paint two opposing forces takes the willpower of a Tibetan master!

During mt wanderings (bards will make poems of my epic blog hopping) I came across two outstanding blogs which are just amazing. It is possible that everyone has visited them already and that I am the last man on the planet to discover them, if not please give them a click.

Last year I was impressed by 20mm and Hat in particular but I am really struggling to paint this scale-it is just  age I suppose, even in 28mm I use a magnifying glass! The detail on the 15mm (?) tanks are astounding, drives home how poor my eyesight is and how much I need to improve my painting!

Have a good weekend everybody!


  1. I suppose it depends on how much you want todo. Are you thinking of small skirmish. Or perhaps a project you've always want todo try doing in 15mm

  2. Hi Simon,
    I will stick too 28mm because of the eyesight issue...but it shows what can be done in the smaller scale. With all the new plastics things are becoming affordable, I will just have to be patient and wait for the good stuff in plastic. In the perfect world its a 12 foot table with lots of terrain!

  3. I know the feeling :-)
    I've been playing with the idea of (at last) starting a solo campaign myself with one of the many rulesets by Two Hour Wargames I've got on my hard drive. Generate a small scenario, dive into my unpainted pile, paint up the figs and then play out the scenario.
    The first few will likely be spread far apart, but as my collection of painted figs grows, game should be more frequent...
    Only question that remains: will I do it in Middle Earth,will I develop a corner of Mantica, or grow my own fantasy lands?

  4. Hi Witteridderludo...I think making a start is the main thing, if you keep a campaign diary you can "move" your characters from one game setting to another. The important thing is once you have a games system and figures start small and it will grow-good luck!

  5. I bought a pair of 3.5 magnification reading glasses from Boots. They're brilliant and a lot cheaper than an Optivsor!